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H. B. Acharya

Assistant Professor

Golisano College of Computing and Information Science, RIT

I research networks, in particular programmable and active networks, and their security. In the long term, I am curious about how new advances (such as ML and quantum computing) can inform the design of networks and distributed systems, and conversely, how networks can support these applications. 

Research Interests

Through computation in the network fabric, I turn SDN switches into network intrusion detection systems, VPN endpoints, Decoy Routers, and so on. ​"The network is the computer".

I'm also interested in network mapping and security. For example, how the Internet evolves over time (CDNs and flattening), the effect of new protocols (DNS-over-TLS, IPv6), Internet-scale attacks, and the power of overlay networks such as SCION. For instance, I study the Great Firewall of China and its effects on non-Chinese users, or the effect of Starlink on Ukraine.

More long term, I'm curious how Machine Learning and Quantum Computing will affect networks (whether sensor networks, data center networks, or the Internet). Do we need new protocols? What can we still trust, and what will change? New questions!

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